Yorkshire Triathlon

Yorkshire Triathlon

Welcome to YorkshireTriathlon.com, the most exclusive triathlon club in the country.  Membership is by invitation only and subject to the following criteria:

  • You must be born in Yorkshire
  • You should be dedicated to Yorkshire
  • You should be a triathlete
  • You should always accept anything that is free
  • You must never do owt for nowt unless it’s for thissen
  • You must be prepared to argue that black is white and refuse to accept you are wrong no matter how much evidence is produced to the contrary.

So if you think you warrant membership, please complete the form and keep your fingers crossed.

Seriously what is Yorkshire Triathlon?

YorkshireTriathlon.com is a private initiative to promote the great sport of triathlon and to champion the county of Yorkshire. The site aims to sponsor young triathletes who show great promise and to help triathlon organisations in the county.

There isn’t a Team Yorkshire race team at this point, but Jackpot Racing is predominantly based in Yorkshire

Happy training and racing.

Triathlon News

Yorkshire 2nd Country at the Worlds

At the recent ITU World Championship finals in Beijing, Yorkshire dominated. So good were the results that Yorkshire actually came second in the medals table, behind only USA.

1st USA

2nd Yorkshire

3rd The Rest of GB

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21st December 2011

Missionary Work

Where in the world have you seen or flown the Yorkshire flag? A certain Mr Brownlee is regularly seen flying the flag and is pictured here at the Ming Tomb reservoir near Beijing in China. Can you do any better? Please send us your pictures.

And if you have any stories of spreading the Yorkshire Creed anywhere else in the world, please send them in for publication.

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20th December 2011

Extreme Yorkshire competition

Send us a photo of the Yorkshire flag in the most extreme conditions and win yourself a bottle of champagne. Every month during 2012 we’ll pick a winner and the best pictures will be published on this website. If you are looking for inspiration, you should take a look at these extreme ironing pictures!

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17th February 2011

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